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. But they all have bellow 50% happiness and like massive deficits.
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  • Robot populations automatically receive the 'Mechanical' Trait, which means they add +200 percent habitability to any planet.
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  • Machine intelligence empires have more trouble with amenities.
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    Changing planet designation when a better planet for a resource is acquired.

  • Way, Way, WAAAY Too Many Thoughts on Necrophage (Strategy, Synergy, etc.
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  • Amenities are the stuff that makes pops happy, like flat screen TVs and movies.
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    8 Archetype Play-stylespared to read, better leave.

  • 5 Intelligent - Speeding Up The Process.
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    Amenities are expensive and unable to obtain maximum Approval because they cap at 20% happiness at 2x pop needs.

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