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  • They’re an evolution of the unremarkable CSL Elite V1 Pedals which I had used before but never.
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    Greetings Race Fans, I have the Podium F1 system for the PS5 and a set of V1's with a load cell.

  • 950€ versus 400€ is a lot.
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    The pedal looks pretty much like the other CSL Pedals.

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    And too expensive just to conduct an experiment.

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  • So IMO (cool review BTW) these appear to be just updated to come the way the CSL Elites always should have come vs having to buy the upgrade packages separately from Fanatec.
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    While they don’t look very different to the original CSL Elite pedals, they have successfully addressed the issues which were holding back the V1 pedals.

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    May 1, 2013 · Boyd Bryson.